Persona Jobs is a dynamic arena for employers, recruiters and the labour market to communicate, evaluate and find support in acquiring the best person for the job. Whether it’s employee No. 2 or 2000, Persona Jobs’ solutions ensures the critical factors for the right decision are at the forefront of the decision.

Persona Jobs was started with a mission to help the hardest to place individuals. If a system could be built to re-integrate those who are disillusioned with today’s labour markets, we knew it would delight the rest of you..

With that in mind, we set about our company values.


Uncomplicating such a key area of business and people’s lives, unshackled our early customers from old processes. Why waste your time looking in the wrong places? Why the 2 hour job application? Or why the many recruitment tools, fees and profiles to perform your daily tasks? No, we don’t know either?! Persona Jobs simplifies and consolidates your processes in one place.

Trust & Honesty

We have no hidden agenda. To be trusted with the responsibility of delivering your organisation a valuable asset, be the ace up your recruitment sleeve or find your vocation, is no small honour. We treat the quest with utmost importance and openness.


No half jobs or stones unturned, we are obsessively dedicated to completing our mission, one focussed-task at a time.


Ambiguity creates uncertainty. Persona Jobs ooze assurance and we achieve this with our insights. We are proud to divulge what we’ve learnt and communicate key factors for our customers to take forward in their future endeavours. Our service is all about you.

Frugality Streamline

We believe inefficiency, redundancy and opportunity cost should never play a part in weighing down your decision making or the growth of your business. Our systems give us the inside track, and we can give you a piggy-back – hop on!